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To craft wine that I love is an amazing experience, but to craft wine that EVERYONE loves is an absolute dream come true.

Roxie Ward

The Woman Behind the Wine

Winemaker Roxie Ward

From fine arts in Laguna Beach to wine science in Australia, Roxie Ward’s path to Butternut has spanned continents and disciplines, with each new experience taking her one step closer to being the heart and soul of Butternut wines. Over her 20 years in the wine industry, Roxie has developed a passion for winemaking, with a growing expertise in traditional French techniques as well as a strong familiarity with the Central Coast, a region renowned for its cool-climate varietals and home to many of the vineyards that Butternut sources its grapes from. With a talent for crafting delicious wine that delights a wide array of palates, Roxie has swiftly become the Ultimate Wine Nut and is the perfect winemaker to lead the charge creating the Butternut wine that we have all come to love.

Butternut Wines

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