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Netflix Wine Pairings

Netflix Wine Pairings | Butternut Wines

Nothing says fun and relaxation like curling up on the couch with a good show and a great glass (or bottle…or can…) of wine. And considering both Butternut Wines and Netflix are so affordable, this is a very budget-friendly way to spend a weekend (or weekday!) evening. In the effort of saving you some time,… Read more »

How to Throw a Frosé Inspired Bachelorette Party This Summer

Frosé Inspired Bachelorette Party | Butternut Wines

Image credit:   What comes after “ring before spring”? For many of us, summer ‘tis the season for celebrating our best gals and their coming nuptials. And you know what that means! Lots and LOTS of bachelorette parties. If you’re lucky enough to be included in the bride-to-be’s entourage, you’ll want to make sure… Read more »

Summer Bucket List

Gazing out the window at the summer sun, we were reminded of how much joy the summer season used to bring us. The warmer weather meant school was out, which meant we would have time for all of our most favorite parts of life: Soaking in the fading warmth of the water with late-night swims… Read more »

Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List | Butternut Wines

Every book enthusiast knows that summer is the perfect time to tackle that reading list that has been steadily growing since the winter months. Well folks, summer is here and it’s time to grab your swimsuits, pack your totes with canned rosè, and head to the beach (or pool) with a good book in hand…. Read more »

What’s In A Name?

What's In A Name | Butternut Wines

What’s in a name? That which we call Butternut by any other name would taste as sweet. Or something like that, right Shakespeare? The name Butternut came quite literally from a butternut squash. We had Butternut chardonnay all blended and completed in a barrel, but we didn’t have a name. When our winemaker, Tony, noticed… Read more »

Party in style for the Kentucky Derby

Nothing says “summer is just around the corner” like the arrival of the Kentucky Derby. Held annually on the first Saturday in May, it’s a day we look forward to all year long. 20 three-year-old thoroughbred horses compete for the grand prize of 3 million dollars, a solid gold trophy, and garland covered in 400… Read more »

Why We Love Canned Wine

Why We Love Canned Wine | Butternut Wines

It’s no secret that we love wine. Bottle, glass, can – heck, styrofoam cup…bring it on. But with summer just around the corner, the pool party, backyard bbq, and park picnic invitations have started rolling in which has us reaching for cans over bottles these days. There is something so effortless, appealing, and non-pretentious about… Read more »

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

After a long cold winter, there is nothing we love more than a good Spring Cleaning. It may sound daunting at first, but we actually find it to be quite enjoyable and, dare we say, therapeutic? We’ve made a list of 10 chronological steps to help you tackle everything on your Spring Cleaning to-do list… Read more »

Ambassador Spotlight x @winedivaa

Meet Martha, she runs the successful WineDivaa site and is one of our amazing ambassadors. She is sweet, personable, and LOVES wine. Our kind of woman! She has built up a loyal following on Instagram and her blog with her fun and informative wine facts, easy meal pairings, and inviting personality. We are excited to… Read more »

Our Favorite Podcasts

Our Favorite Podcasts | Butternut Wines

Anyone else find themselves spending less time listening to the radio and more time streaming podcasts? Just us? Didn’t think so. We are seriously addicted to these episodic series of digital audio files known as podcasts. You can find one on just about any topic from celebrities, top chefs, journalists, broadcasters, athletes, comedians, bloggers/influencers, and… Read more »