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Tailgate Wine Pairings

Tailgate Wine Pairings | Butternut Wines

We don’t know about y’all, but we only watch football for the snacks and drinks. The only way we’re making it through 2+ hours of men running into each other on TV is with delicious food and a yummy glass of wine. That’s right- you don’t have to be a beer drinker in order to… Read more »

Poolside Wine Pairings

Poolside Wine Pairings | Butternut Wines

With the official start date to summer just around the corner, we’re all too eager for sun-filled days and warm starry nights. Whatever you’re looking forward to most, there’s no question that at some point, you’ll be spending time by the pool. Whether your dipping your toes in daily, kicking it poolside every evening after… Read more »

Super Bowl Wine Pairings

Super Bowl Wine Pairings | Butternut Wines

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you cannot deny the opportunity to share delicious junk food, good drinks, and what is sure to be an epic halftime show, with your friends and family. There is nothing we love more than gathering around the tube with our loved ones and sharing food and wine. That’s… Read more »

Hallmark and Chill

Hallmark and Chill | Butternut Wines

You guys. YOU. GUYS. It’s Hallmark Christmas Movie Time. The runaway hits of the holiday season are not Oscar winning films, but amazingly awful, perfectly cheesy, Hallmark and Hallmark-Style movies. These films literally ALL follow the exact same story arc, yet we are drawn to them like Santa to cookies. And we’ve compiled 6 we… Read more »

Wine + Pie Pairings

Wine + Pie Pairings | Butternut Wines

We take dessert very seriously around here, so you can count on us to know just how to pair your favorite pies with our Butternut Wines. The holidays can be stressful but knowing which wine to throw back with your grandmother’s homemade apple pie shouldn’t have to be. So, whether it’s a tradition in your… Read more »

Tailgate Wine Pairings

Tailgate Wine Pairings | Butternut Wine

When we think of football, we think tailgating and when we think tailgating we think beer and cheap nachos. You know, the kind with that fake cheese that is irresistibly good. But what about our wino football fans? You didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? We came up with a list of some… Read more »

Halloween Candy Pairings

Halloween Candy Pairings | Butternut Wine

It’s a well known fact that wine and chocolate go hand in hand. But did you know that Butternut Wine also pairs well with lots of other candy too? We put together a little how-to-guide, if you will, of how to navigate your Halloween basket and which wine compliments, say, skittles. Have fun with it and… Read more »

Keto Wine Pairings

Did you know that wine is Keto Diet friendly? That’s right, not all booze is high in carbs and luckily for you, wine isn’t one of them! Each glass of wine has about 3 carbs, so basically that’s like water. We even went the extra mile and paired our wines with our favorite Keto meats… Read more »

Takeout + Wine Pairings

Butternut Wine, takeout and wine pairings

Wine pairing is serious business and when you have a busy schedule like we do, meal planning doesn’t always come easy. That’s why we created a list of some of our favorite take out menu items that go perfectly with our Butternut Wines. That means your weekly meal prep just got a whole lot easier…. Read more »

Wine Pairing Tips

Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is the lighter version of a red wine. Our Butternut Pinot Noir has an array of red and dark berries which are met with a medium-bodied, silky finish. It has aromas of vanilla, cassis and menthol. It pairs well with goat cheese, Brie, walnuts. dried fruits, figs, and strawberries. If you… Read more »