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Wine Tasting = Entertaining

Wine tasting is the perfect excuse to entertain. Reflect your style through a fun wine tasting experience…just add great company!

Wine Exchange Party
Bond over wine tasting with a fun BYOB event. Hold the date, then ask guests to bring two identical bottles of their favorite wine. Don’t forget to set a price limit!

Once friends arrive, separate the second bottles in rough tasting order. Structure your wine tasting from light to heavy, complementing flavor profiles with sweet and savory foods. Later, draw names from a bowl and let guests choose – or “swap” – unopened wines.

The “bring your own bottle” theme is totally flexible. Enjoy discovering new wine recommendations from guests!

Wine Tasting and Cheese Party
Create a hearty spread of crackers, vegetables, and dips, then match Butternut Wines to cheese selections. Guests will love it! A few of our favorite wine pairings include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
    Butternut Cabernet Sauvignon elevates complex flavors. Aged 7 months on oak, enjoy this bold red with hard cheeses like aged Cheddar and smoked Gouda.
  • Chardonnay
    Soft cheeses pair beautifully with Butternut Chardonnay. Satisfy creamy notes of fig, butterscotch, and sweet oak with fresh Mozzarella or Chèvre.
  • Pinot Noir
    Complement the nuttiness of Gruyère with an earthy, rustic wine like Butternut Pinot Noir. If you prefer soft cheeses, try Brie or Camembert.
  • Rosé
    Enhance the crisp, acidic finish of Butternut Rosé with herb–forward, aged sheep’s milk cheeses. Feta and Halloumi also pair nicely.

Blind Wine Tasting
Have fun with elements of surprise. Put all four Butternut Wines in paper lunch bags and tape the tops to prevent peeking. Encourage people to guess wine varietals, or rate by preference. Serve each wine option, then open the floor to comments.

Sip and Rate Wine Tasting Party
When every bottle is delicious, how can you compare? Use simple techniques to guide a group wine tasting.

  1. Look
    Once poured, how does the wine look? Take a mental snapshot.
  2. Smell
    Swirl wine glass and identify scents.
  3. Taste
    Notice taste and texture.
  4. Think & Discuss…but mostly just enjoy!
    What was everyone’s favorite wine?

Get Prepared for Your Wine Party
Determine your theme, then save the date. Consider special touches like printed wine menus, wine decanters, and wine glasses. Stock up on Butternut Wines and have fun!

Butternut Wines

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