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The Butternut Challenge: What Summer Nut Are You?

Summer is around the corner and we’re so excited to let our inner Wine Nuts enjoy the sunshine! Every day offers a new opportunity to celebrate, explore or simply enjoy the little pleasures in life. The only question is – which Summer Nut are you?

The Brunch Nut
There’s something truly magical about Brunch! And the fact that it’s the perfect time to include a bottle of Butternut Rosé makes it even more special. Refreshing, fruity and the perfect pairing for anything savory or sweet, Butternut Rosé is delicious enough that it’s not only the best accompaniment to Brunch – sometimes it’s reason enough to call for Brunch. So grab a bottle, invite your friends, and let your Brunch Nut shine!

The Picnic Nut
The sun, the breeze, the peace. There’s only one thing that makes a beautiful picnic even better: Butternut Chardonnay. Our flagship wine and most popular grape, this choice is bursting with flavors both fruity and rich! From peach and candied apple to fig and butterscotch, every sip will pull you towards the next. Did we mention its low in sugar, carbs and calories?

The Travel Nut
No fridge, no problem. No plan, even better! Pack your bags and grab a bottle of Butternut Pinot Noir because no matter where you land, our Pinot Noir is the perfect pairing. This delicious wine was crafted to share with anyone and to be enjoyed with everything – its food-friendliness is one of its best characteristics!

The BBQ Nut
When the mouth-watering goodness of BBQ takes center stage, there’s one Butternut that can’t help but join the party: our rich and savory Cabernet Sauvignon! This intensely flavorful wine delivers on the classic cherry flavors, as well as a distinct hint of dark chocolate that lingers after every sip. If BBQs dominate your summer, then Butternut Cab is the wine to stock up on!

The Beach Nut
Beach Nuts, rejoice! The newest addition to the Butternut Family is here to make your days in the sand more memorable than ever. This year, it’s Butternut Sauvignon Blanc that you want to pack over ice. Refreshing and crisp, it’s a day of sun in a glass! If you haven’t enjoyed your first bottle yet, it’s time to plan your next trip to the beach!

Whether your favorite occasion is Friday night BBQ, Saturday beach day, or Sunday brunch, there’s one important thing to remember – you don’t have to settle for just one Summer Nut moment! Embrace them all and enjoy what each has to offer. Cheers!

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