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Don’t Throw Away Your Empty Butternut Bottles!

The holidays were a blast, memories were made, and now you’re left to clean up! But this year, instead of throwing away your empty Butternut bottles, turn them into something special that will last a lifetime!

Not only will you help out the environment, you’ll also add a new layer of decor to your life (or maybe even create a great gift for someone special!).

Decorative Vase
It doesn’t get any easier than turning your empty Butternut bottles into a beautiful flower vase!  You get to decide how elaborate you decorate them and don’t forget the power of clustering vases. Try some with paint, others with ribbon and some with glitter. You can take the labels off and leave them clear or leave the label on for a classic look.

Slow Release Watering Bottle for Planters
If you have flower pots or planters outdoors, one of the best ways to use empty wine bottles is to fill them with water, then turn them over and stick them into the dirt. The water will release slowly and keep your plants happy for days! This is decorative and fun, but also the perfect way to take care of your plants while traveling.

Luminary Centerpiece
A wonderful alternative to a decorative vase is a beautiful luminary made from your empty wine bottles! Simply remove the label, clean it out and then fill it with battery powered string lights. The result is stunning and can be effective inside or outside! You can leave your wine bottle clear or you can decorate with a bit of glitter or frosted paint (just make sure it’s still semi-transparent so you can see the lights!).

Homemade Infused Olive Oil
Time to experiment in the kitchen! Once your wine bottles are empty, you can clean them out, remove the labels and then fill them with olive oil to infuse with your own concoctions. Herbs are an easy winner, but you can also try peppers for a bit of heat. You can save these for yourself or use them as gift ideas for the friends who helped you drink the bottle!

 Flattened Wine Bottle Charcuterie Board
If you really want to turn your wine bottle into something memorable, then consider flattening it to use as a charcuterie board! This isn’t something you can do at home, so you will need to contact a local pottery studio to use their kiln…but the result is absolutely stunning! And there’s no better way to remember your holiday than with a charcuterie board that you can use every year going forward.

Whatever you choose, we hope you make the most of your Butternut! Happy holidays and good luck with your upcycled wine bottle creations.

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