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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sauvignon Blanc

Delicious bursts of citrus. A cool, crisp finish.

One sip always leads to a second with our new Sauvignon Blanc! With so much to love about this new Butternut addition, we couldn’t resist sharing some fun facts that make this wine even more irresistible and intriguing than you already thought.

Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t actually reign from New Zealand (or our beloved California!). It may be true that our Sauvignon Blanc is unmatched in its delicious flavor profile, but this mouth-watering grape actually originated in the famed Bordeaux region of France, where it is lucky enough to grow wild.

Sauvignon Blanc was one the first wines to utilize a screw cap in place of a traditional cork. And for that, we are forever grateful!

One of Sauvignon Blanc’s signature characteristics is a distinct “green” undertone. In between bursts of citrus and stone fruit, you’ll notice a clean, slight hint of lemongrass and green apple. It’s part of what makes this delicious, fruit-forward wine so special!

These signature green undertones of Sauvignon Blanc give it special pairing abilities. This makes it one of the few wines to pair well with “hard to pair” dishes like asparagus, green salads and crisp veggies – another reason it’s a California favorite!

Sauvignon Blanc is also one of the few wines known for pairing well with sushi. If this doesn’t make Sauvignon Blanc your new favorite wine, we don’t know what will.

Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t need to age. In fact, it’s typically considered to be better the fresher it is! This means you don’t need to worry about whether or not it’s the right time to open: it is.

The first Friday in May is International Sauvignon Blanc Day. Add it to your calendar and celebrate over sushi!

In the 18th century, Sauvignon Blanc was crossed with Cabernet Franc. The result? The rich and delicious varietal that we now call Cabernet Sauvignon. There’s a lot of magic in this delicious grape!

The flavors of Sauvignon Blanc change drastically depending on the climate. In cooler climates, the result is “greener,” with flavors like bell peppers, grass and citrus fruit dominating. Warmer regions, on the other hand, produce Sauvignon Blancs that have intense flavors of stone and tropical fruit.

Sauvignon Blanc is best experienced in a narrow glass with a long stem. Sorry trendy stemless glasses! While we love the style of the shorter choice, the stem actually serves an important purpose. It protects your wine from being warmed by your hand’s own body heat! This keeps it cool and refreshing for even longer.

With all of this newfound knowledge of Sauvignon Blanc, we hope your next move is to stock up and spend the summer falling in love with a new favorite Butternut wine! Cheers to new additions!

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