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Get to Know Butternut’s Fall Pick of the Patch

We’re so thrilled for the Fall season to finally be upon us and we can’t wait to celebrate with our favorite Fall choice – our buttery, balanced, and delicious Butternut Chardonnay!

This wine has always been a Fall favorite, not just because it’s delicious, but also because it’s low-calorie and crowd-pleasing. There isn’t a single meal that our Chardonnay can’t elevate or a single activity that it won’t make more exciting!

So what adventures should you be getting on your schedule this season? Here’s our rundown of some of the best Fall activities that you’ll want to enjoy alongside our refreshing and mouth-watering Butternut Chardonnay:

Fall Baking
There are so many delicious Fall recipes to bake throughout the season and there’s no question, a bottle of Butternut will make the experience even more memorable! So stock up on the pumpkin spice now and start searching for your new favorite sweet treat.

Pumpkin Decorating
The world of pumpkin decorating is no longer limited to just Jack-o-lanterns. This is the time to let your creativity out and decorate with pumpkins all season long. Paint, glitter, flowers, hay bales – nothing is off the table this year (including enjoying a bottle of Butternut while you’re creating)!

Host a Friendsgiving Dinner
More turkey, more friendship, more Butternut. Thanksgiving may be a time for families to come together, but Friendsgiving is for those you choose…and you can choose to celebrate as many Friendsgivings as you want!

Leaf Raking (& Jumping!)
Get out and have some fun! The leaves only fall once a year (and you’ve got to rake them up anyway), so why not make it a fun experience? Grab a bottle of Butternut, a good friend, two rakes and spend the afternoon in the crisp Autumn air.

Enjoy a Bonfire
One of the quintessential Fall activities that makes this season so special is experiencing a bonfire! And while you’re sitting around telling stories and jokes, make sure you’re also enjoying a glass of Butternut Chardonnay.

Build Your Own Autumn Wreath
This is another great Fall activity where you can let your creativity shine! Whether alone or with friends, spend the afternoon creating a wreath that embodies both the season and your own personal flair.

We hope you get to experience more than one of these unforgettable activities during the season ahead! Don’t forget to stock up on Butternut Chardonnay and treat yourself to something special.

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