DIY Wine Pumpkin Carving Templates

DIY Wine Pumpkin Carving Templates | Butternut Wines

One of our favorite holiday activities is carving pumpkins. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, it’s fun for everyone. Grab a group of friends, a bottle (or 2 or 3) of Butternut Wine and let your creative side run wild! For those who aren’t Picasso and need a little guidance, we’ve made a… Read more »

Wine Themed Fall Crafts

Wine Themed Fall Crafts | Butternut Wines

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a good arts and crafts session. In fact, we find it to be quite relaxing and dare we say, therapeutic! We’ve come up with a list of 7 fall-friendly craft ideas that are quick, easy, and so much fun to decorate with during the Holidays.  If… Read more »

Influencer Spotlight x @twinspirationalparties

Butternut Wines | Influencer Spotlight | Butternut Tribe

Archana and her twin sister Kanchana launched Twinspirational, a lifestyle blog focused on stylish entertaining, exotic travels and boutique fitness, in 2015 to share their combined passion for fresh, budget friendly event design. We had the privilege to sit down with Archana and pick her brain about wine (duh!), tips on throwing parties, and lots more…. Read more »

Keto Wine Pairings

Did you know that wine is Keto Diet friendly? That’s right, not all booze is high in carbs and luckily for you, wine isn’t one of them! Each glass of wine has about 3 carbs, so basically that’s like water. We even went the extra mile and paired our wines with our favorite Keto meats… Read more »

Ultimate Halloween Movie List

You know that time of year when the day’s get shorter and the sun goes down just a little bit earlier than it did before? When after dinner, you’d rather curl up on the couch with a nice glass of wine and watch movies instead of going out. Just us? We didn’t think so. We’ve… Read more »

Pumpkin Spice Sangria

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Pumpkin Spice season! We love everything about Autumn – the changing of the leaves, the crisp air, the pumpkins…but it isn’t officially Fall until Pumpkin Spice everything graces the shelves at the super market.   Well that time is now and we did something crazy y’all…we made… Read more »

Drink Wino Like A Pro

We know there are professional athletes, chefs, pianists and sommeliers but did you know there is such a thing as a professional wino? Okay, so we might be wrong about the last bit but there should be! That’s why we created a list of our top 5 favorite tips to Drink like a Pro because… Read more »

Influencer Spotlight x @chelloveswine

Anyone who is a fan of wine is a friend of ours and Chelsie Petras, of Chel Loves Wine, is no exception. She started her blog in 2016 which has since grown into a Youtube Channel, Instagram account, and Podcast. She got the name from a nickname she was given in college because she was… Read more »

Takeout + Wine Pairings

Butternut Wine, takeout and wine pairings

Wine pairing is serious business and when you have a busy schedule like we do, meal planning doesn’t always come easy. That’s why we created a list of some of our favorite take out menu items that go perfectly with our Butternut Wines. That means your weekly meal prep just got a whole lot easier…. Read more »

Butternut Bingo

butternut bingo - football season - drinking game

Everyone loves a good drinking game, right? That’s why we invented Butternut Bingo! The rules are simple: print out a Butternut Bingo card for each of your players, every time you hear or see any of the things on the card, mark it and take a sip! The first person with 5 in a row… Read more »