Ultimate Holiday Playlist

Ultimate Holiday Playlist | Butternut Wines

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that a Wham! Christmas would soon be playing there. Holiday music is a thing of many a hot button debate. When can you play it? We say any darn time you want to. There’s no such thing as Thanksgiving music. Even if there was,… Read more »

Hallmark and Chill

Hallmark and Chill | Butternut Wines

You guys. YOU. GUYS. It’s Hallmark Christmas Movie Time. The runaway hits of the holiday season are not Oscar winning films, but amazingly awful, perfectly cheesy, Hallmark and Hallmark-Style movies. These films literally ALL follow the exact same story arc, yet we are drawn to them like Santa to cookies. And we’ve compiled 6 we… Read more »

The Best Mulled Wine

‘Tis the Season for cranky relatives, Amazon boxes, and wine. So. Much. Wine. Being the loving and kind folks that we are, we decided that we would give you yet another way to imbibe with your favorite Butternut red whether during a holiday party or on a cozy night on the couch. Enter mulled wine…. Read more »

Wine + Pie Pairings

Wine + Pie Pairings | Butternut Wines

We take dessert very seriously around here, so you can count on us to know just how to pair your favorite pies with our Butternut Wines. The holidays can be stressful but knowing which wine to throw back with your grandmother’s homemade apple pie shouldn’t have to be. So, whether it’s a tradition in your… Read more »

Tailgate Wine Pairings

Tailgate Wine Pairings | Butternut Wine

When we think of football, we think tailgating and when we think tailgating we think beer and cheap nachos. You know, the kind with that fake cheese that is irresistibly good. But what about our wino football fans? You didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? We came up with a list of some… Read more »

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List | Butternut Wines

Fall is such a beautiful season with the weather getting cooler and all the leaves changing colors. There are so many fun activities, both outdoors and indoors, that we want you to take part in, so we’ve compiled 12 fun ideas to make the most of the season. You can even BYOBW (Bring Your Own… Read more »

Halloween Candy Pairings

Halloween Candy Pairings | Butternut Wine

It’s a well known fact that wine and chocolate go hand in hand. But did you know that Butternut Wine also pairs well with lots of other candy too? We put together a little how-to-guide, if you will, of how to navigate your Halloween basket and which wine compliments, say, skittles. Have fun with it and… Read more »

Butternut Party Pack Giveaway

*G I V E A W A Y*   Congrats to the below winners on their PARTY PACK of canned wine from Butternut Wines. (winners will receive their gift card via email) Brandee R., Samantha C., Makenzie H., Hailey A., Nicole C., Brooke K. M., Candi C., Jennifer M., Candace J.  Not a winner, not… Read more »

Trick Or Treat | Butternut Bingo

Trick Or Treat | Butternut Wine Bingo

By now, you know we love a good game night, especially paired with some Butternut Wine. So we married our favorite spooky holiday and everyone’s favorite game to bring you, BUTTERNUT WINE TRICK OR TREAT BINGO! Whether you are passing out candy, going to a Halloween Party, or staying in scrolling through Instagram, our version of… Read more »

Butternut On The Big Screen

Samantha Capaldi - @samanthasommelier | Butternut Wines

Spotted on Your Life Arizona! Our friend Samantha Capaldi (of @samanthasommelier) shared her best tips on how to choose the right glassware for your wine and included our Cabernet Sauvignon! Snag a bottle of Cab to pour into your go-to wine glass this week. Thanks for sharing, Sam!