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Celebrate the Holidays with Butternut Sparkling!

We’re all about making every day a celebration, and with our new Sparkling, we’ve made it even easier! As the holidays approach, don’t forget that the small things are just as worthy of cheer as the all-important moments – and that’s when the Butternut should appear!

As you embark on this special season, make sure to have a bottle of Butternut Sparkling on hand for some of our favorite holiday moments. And no need to stop here! Anytime you feel inspired – pull out a bottle of Butternut.

The Post-Shopping Toast
Holiday shopping is not for the faint of heart and a successful shopping trip absolutely deserves a bottle of Sparkling! This is a great time to not only pour a glass of Butternut bubbly, but to pair it with some mouth-watering Brie or mascarpone cheese. Sit back and toast to a job well done!

Holiday Crafting
From pumpkin carving and wreath decorating to stringing lights and cutting snowflakes, the potential for holiday crafting is huge, as is the need for Butternut Sparkling! Not only does this make these activities more fun, but it’s one of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing.

White Elephant Gift Exchange
When it comes time for your annual White Elephant Gift Exchange, you definitely want a bottle of Butternut Sparkling on hand. In fact, we recommend bringing one to share and one to gift!

The week before Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate friendship, start the holidays early, and maybe practice a recipe or two for the big night ahead! If you’re looking for the winning pairing experience, look no further than Butternut Sparkling and oysters with buttercream sauce. This perfect match will ensure your Friendsgiving invite year after year!

If Friendsgiving went well, and you made it through Thanksgiving, then it’s time to knock Thanksmas out of the ballpark! By this point, you’re a holiday hosting expert, so you know what to do – pop open a bottle of Butternut and let the bubbly start flowing!

Holiday Gift Wrapping
Time to turn gift wrapping into a special occasion! With a glass of Butternut Sparkling at your side, this job becomes way more fun. You’re putting the final touches on all the thought, time and energy that went into finding gifts, and you deserve a toast for that!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that there’s always a reason to celebrate! And as long as you keep Butternut Sparkling on hand, you’ll always be ready. Good luck with the holiday hosting!

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