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4 Wine Tasting Games to Put a Twist on This Year’s Friendsgiving

You’ve got the wine, the food, the friends – now it’s time to plan the entertainment for this year’s Friendsgiving!

In true Butternut fashion, we’ve got 4 perfect games for you to play…and they all have a wine-themed twist that is guaranteed to keep your spirits high.

Best of all, you don’t need to prepare for any of these. Pick your favorite or play them all…just make sure you pour yourself a glass of Butternut first!

The game of Categories with – you guessed it – a wine theme! This game is truly perfect for Friendsgiving because it can be enjoyed around the table at the spur of the moment.

Here’s how you play: The first person picks a category that must be wine-themed (varieties, types of grapes, wine regions, wine flavors, etc.). They begin by naming the first word in that category and the turn immediately goes to the person to their left who has to answer without hesitation or repeating. This continues until someone does hesitate or repeat, in which case they need to take a big sip of wine and the next person picks a new category!

You can play this all night and can even repeat the categories (how good is everyone’s memory after a few glasses of wine?)!

Wine Pictionary
The old classic reimagined for the wine nuts that you are! You’ll need paper, pen and a timer for this one, with your group divided into two teams.

First have everyone write down wine-themed people, places or things on scraps of paper and set them aside in a bowl or basket.

Choose one team to go first and have them pick their first member to choose from the basket and attempt to draw whatever word they’ve chosen…and hope that their team can guess what they’re drawing in 90 seconds or less!

If they guess, they get a point! If not, it’s on to the next team. Play until you’ve used up all your words and tally the points to name the winners.

Draw the (New) Wine Label
Get ready to see who the real artists are in the house! For this clever wine-themed game, you’ll need paper and pencils again – enough for each person to draw on their own.

Here’s how it works: First, make sure everyone has enough time to enjoy a glass – or at least a sip! – of wine. Then, it’s time to get to work! Have each person draw the label that they think the wine bottle should have, depending upon their impression of the wine.

Once everyone has finished, gather the labels and have everyone vote on the best! If you’re enjoying more than one variety, then you can get started on round 2.

Wine Trivia
The ultimate wine-themed game that is bound to stump even the brightest wine nut! Once you’ve had your fill of food, it’s time to see who really knows the most about your favorite beverage…and there’s plenty of sources to get your questions.

The competitive spirit is up to you! Divide into teams, work on your own, or just enjoy answering the questions as a group.

Here are some wine trivia questions you can use right now to keep the fun going all night:

Whichever game you choose, make sure to keep the Butternut flowing and enjoy making memories with friends. Have a wonderful Friendsgiving. Cheers!

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