How To Build A Summer Charcuterie Board

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Now that summer is in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to work in some international travel to our vacation days. But when life gets busy and flights get expensive, sometimes we’re left dreaming, forced to make the best of it locally. But don’t just settle for an all-American summer… With this how-to guide, you can have fun with your friends and family wherever you are by adding a little international flair. What began on the banks of the Seine River in Paris, France as an easy meal for picnics and parties has now made its way to the US, too. Charcuterie boards are a crowd favorite, and they are full of meats, cheeses, nuts and fruits from around the world.


Whether you’re throwing a summer soirée or a little local fête, this international charcuterie board is sure to make your dreams of a summertime adventure come true. When your guests’ glasses are filled and their stomachs are happy, their appetite for international fun will surely be satisfied. It’s easy, delicious and beautiful, so whatever the occasion, this international summer charcuterie board is going to make you the hostess with the mostess.


Here’s How To Make it:

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Find A Flat Surface or Board

Whether you’re going for looks or for plain and simple function, start by picking a tray or flat surface to display your charcuterie spread. If you ask us, the quickest way to get the party started is through picking a board that adds something to the aesthetic. Our personal favorite is an agate board! They add a colorful accent to your display of meats, cheeses and fruits, and they give you plenty of room to spread everything out so your guests have easy access to the gourmet delights.

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Pick an International Selection of Meats

Since the actual definition of charcuterie is cooked meat, adding a couple of your favorite cuts of meat is crucial when putting together your perfect summer charcuterie board. Our recommendations? Rolled Prosciutto- because why not add in a little bit of Italian culture, a little bit of peppered salami- hello, Eastern Europe, and finally, your favorite smoked summer sausage from Germany. These are easy to eat, and the flavors will complement each of the other items on your charcuterie board perfectly.


 Pick Up Cheeses From Around The World

It would be unthinkable to assume that wine and meat would be complete without several different cheeses. Cheese is always a crowd-pleaser, and in the summer, there are so many ways to keep it light and refreshing. The more cheeses, the better! So pick four that you love and add them to the board. We love to do Gruyère from the swiss alps, Aged Gouda- a Dutch favorite, Camembert from Normandy and, finally goat cheese from the South of France.

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Bread, Please!

And of course, you can’t have cheese without bread. Our all-time-favorite is a fresh baguette from a local bakery (another nod to France) or a few artisan crackers baked with figs or raisins. Whichever you choose, make sure you grab a set of cheese knives so that you can spread it on the bread… because Lunchables never really go out of style, they just get fancier.


Add Some All-American Nuts

The perfect salty addition to any party platter is a few nuts. We love naked roasted almonds, cashews, or even peanuts in the shell… they add such a festive flair to the board and can gather or spread out to fill in empty space at the end.

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Use Olives to Tie it All Together

Olives are a great addition to any charcuterie board. Whether you choose black or green, garlic-stuffed or plain, they add color and flavor to your cultured- party dish. Put them on a toothpick to make them super easy to eat!


Summer Fruits Bring the Season To This Soirée

What sets this charcuterie board apart from the rest? The sweet, refreshing summer fruits, vibrant in color and sweet as honey to the taste. Our top picks? Fresh summer nectarines, brilliant blueberries, and juicy green grapes. They’ll compliment the savory flavors perfectly, and you won’t even need to buy dessert.

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And Voila! There you have it! Wherever your summer adventures take you, on a picnic or at home, abroad or local, you can make an international charcuterie board perfect for gathering a group of friends and family. Oh! And don’t forget to top it off with a couple of bottles of Butternut Chardonnay, of course.


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