Summer Bucket List

Gazing out the window at the summer sun, we were reminded of how much joy the summer season used to bring us. The warmer weather meant school was out, which meant we would have time for all of our most favorite parts of life: Soaking in the fading warmth of the water with late-night swims in the backyard, telling stories around a campfire, sleeping on hammocks underneath the starry sky, building forts amongst the trees and the plush green grass, chasing the ice cream truck as it drove down the long suburban street… the list goes on.

The magic of summertime comes in different forms for everyone, but one thing was true for us all: nothing extraordinary ever happened if we didn’t dream it all out, scribbling it down on a piece of paper, as inspired as we were excited.


Enter: The Summer Bucket list. Ie. The to-do list of dreams and deep longings that we could only indulge in during the sweet season of life when our homework and long hours at school finally subsided.

Now, we’ve traded our slow mornings on the shady back porch for quick cups of coffee in the early morning light, and summertime looks vastly different than it once did. But we believe that if we stop and let ourselves dream again, the magic of summer still exists, one bucket list item at a time. 


So let’s sit back, kick off our shoes, grab a glass of Butternut Chardonnay, and think about what we want to do during the few months of the year that the days get a little longer, no matter what season of life we’re in.

Here are our top ten picks for things to do that bring the magic of summertime back into our adult lives! The best part? Now we get to enjoy it all with some wine on the side.


  1. Pack a picnic.

One of our favorite things about the summertime is the opportunities it gives us to get outside. When the weather is nice, our motto is why do something inside when you can do it outside? Yes! This includes eating. All you have to do to summer-ify your meals is grab a friend, a blanket, a can of Butternut Rosé and an array of cheeses and hit the nearest grassy lawn or park to soak in the season’s best. Yes- Cheese will always be a part of the equation.


  1. Lay on the beach.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, we envy you. But you know what they say: “with great blessing comes great responsibility”, so you need to add another ten things to your bucket list. Whatever you spend your time on the beach doing, the pinnacle of relaxation happens when you crack open a can of wine, sit back, and soak up the sun.


  1. Grab a good book.

Nothing says summertime like lazy days spent getting lost amongst the pages of a good story. Need some tips? Check out our summer reading list here for a list of our favorites.


  1. Go glamping.

Glamorous camping is all the rage these days and we totally understand why! Enjoy the summer from the outdoors, but don’t just settle for a tent.


  1. Host a backyard movie night.

Take it from us: the only thing better than going out is staying in. So grab some stovetop popcorn, call up a few friends, and whip out the projector or large TV monitor and set it up on the back lawn. Make sure to have several bottles of Butternut Chardonnay on hand too.


  1. Float the river.

From Texas to California and everywhere in between, floating the river is always a crowd pleaser. Especially when you bring a floating koozie for your canned rosé.


  1. Make some homemade popsicles.

Homemade popsicles are fun for the whole family! Looking for an adult version? Grab some Butternut Sparkling Rosé and dip the popsicle in it for a little homemade sangria!


  1. Plan a girls/guys weekend.

Whether you’re closer to the mountains, the beach or a big city, spice up your summer with a girls only or guys only trip to reconnect. Guys, we pick the cab for you, gals, you know it’s all about the rosé.


  1. Throw a tasting party.

Only have a little spare time this summer? This bucket list item is fun and easy and can be done off the cuff! You bring the wine, your friends bring the snacks, and you can all experiment with which foods taste the best with which wines. This is fun during any season, but if you taste by the pool, you’ll make the most of those long, warm summer nights we all know and love. Need some suggestions? Visit our Poolside Pairings blog here.


  1. Take a road trip.

Last, but certainly not least, take a road trip! Map it out or drive until you find somewhere you want to go. Either way, summer is the perfect season to let your inner adventurer out! When you get to where you’re going, enjoy a glass of wine!


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