Red, White and Blue Sangria

Stars, Stripes and a Sangria Recipe that will change your life!


As you sit on the dock and watch the fireworks light up the starry night sky, the tips of your toes touch the cool water beneath you, and the sound of your family and friends laughing and talking rings in your ears. Though the Fourth of July has come and gone, you can’t help but reminisce on the sound of celebration, the scene where memories are made, the feelings of pride, freedom and a million dreams. 

Well, we’ve got the perfect cure for your nostalgia. Just grab a red solo cup (or, if you’re us, a Riedel wine glass), and keep the American dream around all summer long with our all-American sangria recipe perfect for celebrating the stars and stripes… Oh, and it’s red, white and blue, of course.  

First, some fun facts to get you started:

  1. Sangria, ironically, is traditionally Spanish. What started in the early 7th century as a “kitchen sink” type of wine, has transversed through the centuries, sea to shining sea. Now, sangria isn’t just wine and sugar thrown in with whatever the ancient Europeans had on hand, it’s an artfully crafted array of rich fruits and delicacies, mixed with only the finest of wines (aka Butternut) and reserved for the most worthy of guests (aka- your star-spangled friends). 
  2. In general, sangria in America is made with either red or white wine, a splash of some kind of fruit-flavored liqueur, a little dash of hard liquor, and, if you like it really sweet, fruit juice to top it off.
  3. In the essence of keeping it light and refreshing, our sangria recipe is a little different. We’re adding something fun and festive and giving you everything you need for a celebration worthy of the stars and stripes. It only takes a minute to make, but it always receives a lot of love from those who drink along.


Here’s how it’s done:

  • Grab 4 cans of Butternut Sparkling Rosé 
  • Rinse two cups of brilliant blueberries
  • Slice or dice one cup of fresh, beautiful, red strawberries 
  • Grab a little star-shaped cookie cutter and a few apples of your choosing, cutting them into shapes that Uncle Sam would appreciate. 
  • Throw it all into a large pitcher, And Voilà! You have a recipe that is 100 percent American, and 100 percent perfect for celebrating our independence.


Red White and Blue Sangria | Butternut Wines


Star struck by the results? We will be too! Snap a photo and share it with us on Instagram so we can share in the stars, stripes, and sangria with you. 


Happy Sparkling!