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Poolside Wine Pairings

Poolside Wine Pairings | Butternut Wines

With the official start date to summer just around the corner, we’re all too eager for sun-filled days and warm starry nights. Whatever you’re looking forward to most, there’s no question that at some point, you’ll be spending time by the pool. Whether your dipping your toes in daily, kicking it poolside every evening after work or waiting for the weekend to have all your fun, you’re probably surrounded by good company, holding a glass of wine in hand. The only thing missing is a tasty bite to top it off.


Poolside Wine Pairings | Butternut Wine


Since food has the ability to totally change the way wine tastes, and wine can change the way food tastes too, paying just a little bit of attention to the food and wine you pair together can go a long way. But fear not, fellow wine-lovers! You don’t have to be a sommelier to pair the right summertime snack with your favorite bottle of Butternut wine. Pairing is all about having fun! So, we took it upon ourselves to put together a little cheat sheet. Read on to find our expertly curated list of perfect poolside pairings that are sure to take your summertime soirees to the next level.


Poolside Wine Pairings | Butternut Wine

Image credit: Chocolateslopes

Butternut Chardonnay – Our oaky California chardonnay is a season favorite all on its own, but pair the buttery flavors with something equally as rich and get a full-on summertime romance. Our suggestion: Steak & Veggie Kabobs. The steak will bring out the chardonnay’s rich tannins while still keeping things crisp and fresh.

Alt. Suggestions: Scalloped potato bites or chocolate-covered strawberries


Poolside Wine Pairings | Butternut Wine













Image Credit: Purewowfood

Butternut Rosé – The subtle hints of fresh fruits in our rosé make this wine the obvious drink of choice for any resident poolside lounger this summer. Try it with homemade fried calamari to taste and sea all it has to offer.

Alt. Suggestions: Chips & guacamole or lemon sorbet



Poolside Wine Pairings | Butternut Wine

Image Credit: Platedcravings

Butternut Pinot Noir – Our pinot is all about the pepper. With its aromatic body and earthy tones, our pinot is a midsummer night’s dream. And it’s perfect pair is a couple of pear and gorgonzola mini tartlets. I know… our mouths are already watering too.

Alt. Suggestions: Spicy crab cakes or peaches & cream



Poolside Wine Pairings | Butternut Wine













Image Credit: Purewowfood

Butternut Cabernet – We’ve all heard it said before: Hearty red for winter, white and sparkly for summer. But if you do it right, you can drink a good glass of cab AND soak up the good vibes of the poolside. That’s what we call having your cake and eating it too. Try it with a batch of homemade eggplant parmesan bites to keep the rich buttery taste consistent and keep your poolside guests wanting more.

Alt. Suggestions: Kale Caesar salad with salmon or chocolate mousse





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