Why We Love Canned Wine

It’s no secret that we love wine. Bottle, glass, can – heck, styrofoam cup…bring it on. But with summer just around the corner, the pool party, backyard bbq, and park picnic invitations have started rolling in which has us reaching for cans over bottles these days. There is something so effortless, appealing, and non-pretentious about opting for a can over a glass, and we’ll tell you why. We’ve come up with a list of our five favorite reasons why we LOVE canned wine.


#1. Lower Carbon Footprint. That’s right, by reducing weight and promoting more efficient recycling, canned wine may just save our planet y’all.

#2. Chills Fast. Cans are able to chill much faster than glass and also KEEP your beverage cool longer. That means canned wine is ideal for pool parties, backyard bbqs, and park picnics.

#3. Size matters. To state the obvious, cans are smaller and lighter than bottles; therefore, you’re able to easily toss one into your handbag, picnic basket, or jacket pocket for easy transportation.

#4. Non-hazardous. Cans are awesome because, unlike bottles, they can’t break. Many U.S. parks and beaches prohibit glass, so cans are the perfect, law-abiding alternative.

#5. Easy on the eye. Our canned wine is aesthetically-pleasing, tastes great, and easy to transport, but most importantly, looks great in photos. Bring a party pack of our canned wine to your next get together and you’re guaranteed to be the hit of the party. But don’t call us when everyone wants to drink your booze!


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